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GeneralAire® I.A.Q. Products

The air we breathe indoors is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air we breathe outdoors!

The average person spends 90% of a 24 hour day indoors. Our health could be at risk.

Improper humidity levels, dangerous gas molecules, mold spores, germs, and microscopic particulates all affect our long term health and comfort.

GeneralAire® Whole House Humidifiers can Improve comfort indoors and maintain a healthy environment. Research has shown that 40% to 60% relative humidity is ideal for today`s homes. Humidity can save money too. For example, 68 F at 40% relative humidity feels just as warm as 74 F at 20% relative humidity. Setting your thermostat back by as little as three degrees can reduce annual heating bills by as much as 5%. Quality, Style, and Commitment goes into every box so you can relax. Browse our selection of humidifiers to find one to meet your needs.

GeneralAire® Whole House Air Cleaners are a high efficiency air filtration option for clean, healthier air. You can expect relief from indoor allergic reactions due to airborne submicronic particulates with 99.97% efficiency at .30 microns with HEPA filtration. Other models are available at Merv 11,10 and 8 for your efficiency options.

GeneralAire® Energy & Heat Recovery Ventilation units can improve your indoor air quality by introducing fresh outside air for better home comfort. An impressive selection of GeneralAire® control options await your review and approval for an impressive installation.

GeneralAire® Whole House Dehumidification units can protect and control your indoor air from those sticky hot summer months for an efficient, comfortable, healthier home. Indoor air can become wet and musty in the summer months. We have an efficient whole house solution for you to review.

GeneralAire® Ultraviolet Air Treatment lets you breathe a little easier and significantly reduce levels of unwanted airborne microorganisms and gaseous contaminants. Impressive ultraviolet technology methods are applied in a whole house unit to eliminate indoor air pollution like the powerful purifying rays of the sun outdoors.

GeneralAire® has the answer to significantly reduce harmful airborne contaminants in the air we breathe. Install a GeneralAire® Humidifier, UVC Photocatalytic Air Purifier, HEPA Air Cleaner, and a MAC Series Air Cleaner for a complete indoor air quality system.

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General Filters,Inc.

Quality you can count on SINCE 1937

General Filters, Inc. fuel oil filters and replacement elements are designed and manufactured to meet the performance requirements of today`s high efficiency fuel oil heating systems.
Important features include:
  • Pressure tested construction with precision machined gasket seals- UL recognized gasket compounds assure a tight seal from the factory and when using genuine General replacement elements for service in the field
  • High quality wool felt elements for exceptional depth filtration down to 10 micron
  • Ten micron filtration satisfies requirements of even the smallest commonly used burner nozzles
  • Precision-machined cast iron head for durability and installation ease
  • Low pressure drop across the filter assures proper operation of almost any system
  • Blue bonding treatment of center core in felt elements eliminates lint migration
  • Unique step design, in felt and gear tooth design for rayon, pioneered by General, has the largest combination of surface and depth filtration for maximum contaminant trapping capacity
  • Components recognized by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Long-life, painted, heavy-duty steel canister
General Filters, Inc. replacement elements are included as part of the UL listing for General Filters,Inc. filters

Draft-Combustion Air-Ventilation


Tjernlund Products inception dates back to 1938 when Emil Tjernlund and his son Robert started designing and manufacturing oil fired forced air furnaces. From this start their product offering evolved into gas fired furnaces and custom packaged roof top heating & cooling equipment. In the mid 1950`s our Auto Draft Inducers were developed to eliminate draft problems associated with short stacks on roof top units. Other people within the heating industry soon saw the advantages of our draft inducers and wholesale distribution of the Auto Draft Inducers began in 1957.

Tjernlund Products was spun off as a separate company in 1973. The original manufacturing facility had 10,000 ft2 and 12 employees. Since then we have expanded our facility to 90,000 ft2 and have grown to over 75 employees. Our engineering and manufacturing departments feature the latest technology in 3D CAD design and CNC turret presses and brakes.

Tjernlund Products is still owned and managed by Emil`s grandsons, Robert and Tom and Emil`s great grandson Bob. Over four generations our mission has been to provide quality engineered and manufactured products that solve exhaust, ventilation and heating/cooling problems. Paramount to our success is providing the technical support necessary so that our products are easy to select and install. We are dedicated to serving your special exhaust and ventilation needs.

Sootmaster HVAC Vacuums

Mastercraft® brand commercial and industrial grade cleaning equiment is the preferred choice of purchased floorcare and cleaning equipment in thousands of facilites, in the government, military, municipal, healthcare, educational and institutional sectors across the globe. The Mastercraft brand presence is renown among cleaning professionals and contractors who depend on reliability, uptime, flexibility and modular upgrading of their cleaning tools to make a living day in and through specific applications and cleaning tasks.

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Superior Smoke Candles

For over 45 years Superior Smoke Generators have been used for literally hundreds of applications. Firefighter training, sewer inflow leak detection, special effects, HVAC testing, truck and trailer leak detection, and a variety of other air flow visualization and leak detection applications.

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