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Xchanger Basement Fan

The XCHANGER™ Basement Fan is a unique, energy-saving fan with an adjustable dehumidistat control to automatically ventilate basements or other areas of stale, musty or smelly air. Installed in an outside wall it features two reversible 90 CFM fans that can exhaust air from the interior, draw fresh outside air into the home or provide a balanced air exchange with no bypass from either airstream. Uses only 40 watts compared to over 1000 watts for a typical dehumidifier, saving over $100/year in electricity. Great for damp, musty basements, garages, storage areas, workshops or cabins. Built-in dampers prevent unwanted air infiltration. Simple plug-in electrical. Optional plug-in speed control, timer and ducting kits available.
Features of the X2D
Ultra quiet dual fans for exhaust, supply or balanced air exchange
Simple plug-in electrical (6` cords) and very low power use
Installs through rim joist of 16" on center or greater floor joists or through wall
X2D includes the fans and hood all in one compact unit. Includes dehumidistat control and built-in dampers. Install X2D through a 12 ¼ x 5 ¼ inch opening in a basement rim joist or any outside wall. Plug XchangeR fans into dehumidistat control and plug control into standard outlet. 
X2D Unique Features:
Adjustable dehumidistat and separate on/off switches for each of the quiet 90 CFM fans
Built in dampers with settable stop to prevent unwanted air from entering your home
X2D Accessories
DT2-6 6" Duct Take-Off
SCP Speed Control
SWR Switch-It Wireless Outlet
For less than the cost of a portable dehumidifier and at a fraction of the operating expense, reduce humidity levels and eliminate the musty smell of basement mold by installing a Tjernlund XCHANGER basement fan.