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FlatPac Air Filter

Expandable High Efficiency Air Filter

Dramatically improve your indoor air quality and gain peace of mind in comfort !
High capacity depth loading fiberglass filter media
Effectively captures troubling airborne allergens such as dust, dander and plant pollens

FP1625X5 fits models MAC1400, Source1 model MAC10162505, Trion Airbear Supreme model 1400

FP2020X5 fits model MAC2020, Source1 model MAC10202005, Trion Airbear Supreme 20x20

FP2025X5 fits model MAC2000, Source1 model MAC10202505, Trion Airbear Supreme 2000

FP1620HW fits Honeywell model F100F2028, F100F1004

fits Honeywell model F100F2002, F100F1012

fits Honeywell model F100F2036, F100F1020

fits Honeywell model F100F2010, F100F1038