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Literature & Installation Manuals












General Oil Product Guide-1




Humidifier FAQS
Model 570WSC Installation Manual
Water Savor Humidifier Brochure Model 900WSC Installation Manual
  Model 1042WSC Installation Manual
Model 65 Literature Model 65 Installation Manual
Model 81Brochure Model 81 Installation Manual
Model 81Spec Sheet-1  
Model 570 Brochure-1 Model 570 Installation Manual 
Model 570 Spec Sheet  
Model 900 Brochure-1 Model 900 Installation Manual 
Model 900 Spec Sheet-1  
Model 1000 Brochure-1 Model 1000 Installation Manual 
Model 1000 Spec Sheet-1  
MODEL 1042 Brochure Model 1042 Installation Manual 
Model 1042LH Spec Sheet-1  
Model 1099LHS Brochure-1 Model 1099 Installation Manual 
Model 1099LHS Spec Sheet-1  
Model 1137L Brochure-1 Model 1137L Installation Manual 
Model 1137 Spec Sheet-1  
Model SL16 Brochure -1 Model SL16 Installation Manual 
Model SL16 Spec Sheet-1  
French Version - 1042 Literature Model 800 Installation Manual 
Before You Install a Steam Humidifier-1.pdf  
DS15P 25 25LC Brochure-1  
Steam Brochure DS  RS Units-1.pdf  
RS15P 25 25LC Brochure-1 DS-RS Elite Steam Humidifier Installation & Owners Manual 4.0.pdf
DS50 & DS50LC Brochure-1 DS50 Installation Manual 
French Version - Steam Literature  Remote Blower Installation Manual
GeneralAire Humidifier Selection Chart  Steam Adapter - instruction sheet
Why Humidify Brochure-1  
Where Do I Find My Humidifier Model Number-1  
Video Library  
Why Indoor Air Quality is Important_Video  
Model 1000 Humidifier---How to Change the Vapor Pad  
Model 1042 &1137Humidifiers---How to Change the Vapor Pad  
Model 570 900 1099LHS Humidifiers---How to Change the Vapor Pad  
Model 81Drum Humidifier---How to Change the Vapor Pad  
AC 500 HEPA Air Cleaner---How To Change the Filter  
AC Air Cleaners---How To Change the Filter  
AP 2 Water Conductivity Tester---How to Use  
DH70 & DH95 Dehumidifiers---How to Change the Filter  
DS25 Steam Humidifier---Learning About This Product---Presented by Weiss Johnson  
MAC Air Cleaner---How To Change the Filter  
MAC L Air Cleaner---How To Change the Filter  
TERSus Air Cleaner---How To Change the Filter  
TERSus Air Cleaner---How To Change the UV Light Bulbs  
Why Dehumidify  
Why Install a Quality Air Cleaner  
Why Replace Your Vapor Pad Each Year  

About, How to install, & Customizing the Generalaire Water Savor (be sure to scroll down)


Tjernlund LB2 Video.wmv

DH70 AND DH95 Dehumidifiers DH70 Installation & Owners Manual-1
DH70 and DH95 Spec Sheet.pdf DH95 Installation & Owners Manual-1
Air Cleaners  

Air Cleaner FAQS 
AC22 & AC24 Brochure-1 AC22 Installation Manual
AC22 & 24 Parts Reference -1 AC24 Installation Manual 
AC500 HEPA BROCHURE-1  AC500 HEPA Installation Manual
HEPA AC500 Spec Sheet-1  
Electronic Air Cleaner Literature  GA50 Electronic Series Installation Manual 
MAC Air Cleaners Brochure-1  MAC1200 Installation Manual 
  MAC1400 Installation Manual 
  MAC2000 Installation Manual 
  MAC-L Installation Manual 
Air Cleaner Comparison Chart.pdf


TERSUS 1200 & 2000 BROCHURE-1 Tersus Installation Manual 
TERSus 1200 & 2000 Spec Sheet-1  
Flatpac Literature   
High Efficiency Air Cleaner Product Sheet   
Perfect Platform Literature   
Whole House Air Cleaner Options Literature   
What is HEPA  
Air Purifiers  
GUV100A83 Literature  GUV100A83 Installation Manual 
How to change a GF990-13 Pad  G-99 Air Filter Gage Installation Manual 
How to change a GF1099-20 Pad  GA50-GA51 Current Sensing Relay Installation Manual 
Digital Thermohygrometer  GA4040 Solenoid Valve Installation Manual 
  MHX3 Installation Manual-1
GFX3 Humidistat Brochure-1 GFX3 Installation Manual 

Draft Combustion Air Ventilation

Controls & Accessories  
WHKE Parts List WHKE Instruction Manual
  MAC4E Installation Manual
  MAC1E Installation Manual
UC1 Control Literature UC1 Installation Manual
Vent Hood Literature Vent Hood VH1-3, 4 Instructions
  Vent Hood VH1-6, 8, 10 Instructions
Duct Booster & Ventilation Fans  
Tjernlund XchangeR Reversible Basement Fan Lit pdf  
  AS1 Instructions
  AS1P Instructions
  ASLL Instructions
DB-2 Spec Sheet DB2 Instructions
Tjernlund LB2 Specs.pdf Tjernlund LB2 Instruction Manual.pdf
EF6, 8,10,12,14, Specs EF 6, 8,10,12,14,Instructions
UnderAire CrawlSpace Ventilator Literature V1D V2D CrawlSpace Ventilator Instructions
In-Forcer Combustion Air & Fresh  Air Intake Equipment
  PA1G Installation Instructions
PAI 3,4,5,6,7 Literature PAI 3,4,5,6,7 Instruction Manual
PAI 3,4,5,6,7 Specs  
In Line Draft Inducers   
AD1 Literature AD1 Instruction Manual
Inline Draft Inducer Literature  
DJ3, D3, I, IL, XL, HD Specs DJ3, D3, I, IL, XL, HD Instruction Manual 
Side Wall Vent Systems   
Tjernlund Side Wall Venting Products Reference Guide  
GPAK Series Literature GPAK ITR Installation Manual 
  GPAK JT Installation Manual 
Millivolt Gas Water Heater Literature  VP-2F VP-3F Installation Manual
HS 3,4,5 Specs HS 3,4,5 Installation Manual
HSJ,1, 2 Specs HSJ, 1, 2, Installation Instructions
  SS1C Installation Instructions
  SS2 Installation Instructions 
Roof Top Inducer   
Rooftop Inducer Literature Rooftop 750 & 1500 Installation Manual
Side Wall Radon Mitigation System   
Radon Literature  Radon Installation Manual 
Tjernlund Full Line Literature   
Tjernlund In Line Inducer Reference Guide   
Tjernlund In-Forcer Commercial Combustion Air Intake System Lit   
Tjernlund In-Forcer Fresh Air & Combustion Air Intake Systems Lit